[s-cars] Crap, I gotta sell

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RE: Crap, I gotta sellPaul, funny you mention Wilbraham, they have a 2004 Passat 4Mo, 1.8T, stick with just under 11k miles for under $20k.

I forgot to say it in my last post but:  Thanks to all  on this list for the words of encouragement.

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  Harold-this sucks.  Have you thought of trying to find the rare B5 
  Passat 1.8t 4M Variant with 5-speed manual (this car is a mod monster 
  heh heh)?  Or the B5 Passat W8 4M Variant with 6-speed manual?  Just 
  throwin' some ideas out there for ya.>>> 

  First, as everyone else said Harold - that totally blows *huge hog*.  So sorry to hear.  F'n politics, obnoxious. 

  Jim made a pair of very cool ^^^alternatives^^^.  The retailer up in Wilbraham MA that me neighbor recently scored his ALMS TT from did have the B5 Pussat Jimbo mentions in beyond perfect shape, and in an ubercool MB-looking black onyx.  It was quite nice, and I'd venture ohsorare.  If you opt that route I'd dig into it for you if he still had it.

  Sean suggests the D2 //S8 - er...  I'm obviously ahem partial to them 8-).  Like Taka notes, mid to high teens gets you a whoooooooole lottacar.  Not a day / mile / second gone by yet in mine where I'm not simply more giddy than the next in it (no exaggeration!) - including coming back from lunch 5 min. ago:



  Them thar RXII's are my last night's doing muwhahaha, pardon - //Spring has //Sprung, bish! 

  Good luck to you, again sorry to hear, let me know what if any help I might be to you. 


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