[s-cars] Crap, I gotta sell

David Forgie forgied at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 25 22:01:56 PDT 2008

Harold:  Sorry to hear of your situation.  James Murray's idea (faint hope clause) that
the Canadian 97 S6 had OBDII is, unforetunately, just wishful thinking.  OBDII wasn't 
required in Canada until 1998 whereas it was required in the US for the 1996 model year.
By sometime around 1994, Audi had decided that the 20vt AAN was going to be an
orphan by 1997 and therefore the effort making it comply with OBDII could not be justified. 
The whole reason that the 95.5 cars existed in the US was because, by building cars 
(and avants) between July 1995 and December 1995 and calling them 95.5, they
technically did not have to comply. 

If you have to sell the car, there must be a state that doesn't get too excited about OBDII
(maybe that's my wishingful thinking).  Otherwise, you could sell it back into Canada. We
can import UrS-sedans of any year from the US. But no S6 avants.

Dave F. 

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