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Don't prompt him-he actually has a set identical to those used in

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COME ON !  !  ! 

No list is complete without "novelty teeth...."


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> Oscar Meyer //swap'd:
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> Folk's
> I am preparing for my wrench to install neu to me (well maintained 
> 100k) motor next week and wonder what else I might work on whilst in
>   http://www.vvork.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/529_large.jpg
> Nope... I plan nothing beyond the RS2 it already is, but wonder what 
> wear parts should be changed?
> Tbelt, water pump, cps recently done.  Beyond manifold gaskets, and 
> any non core connected heater hoses that should be newly installed, 
> what else might be good to do?
> Is now a good time to do any front end work that grants easier access 
> sans motor?
> Any thoughts, comments, jeers would be much appreciated.  I know I'll 
> forget something.  Since I haven't driven it in about 3 mos., it 
> should be like getting a new car.
> Cheer's
> Re-Bill ding Bill M>>>
> Bologna-
> "S wap"?  No, Pizzo sold his '94 yearrrrrrrrrrs ago - sorry.  Maybe
> applies to Vinnie B tho?
> And now for something, completely different:  a man with a tape
> up his nose.  Yes, there are a few *key* important things for you to
> SURE to address:
> -7th Fetzer Valve
> -30w antifreeze
> -ball bearings - it's all ball bearings these daze
> Now, beyond that - seeing as you're pushing the boat waaaaaaaaaay
> How about looking at that carbon valve thingy upunder the intake that
> Manuel Sanchez had some issue with last year.  A real biatch to access
> IIRC (which I usually don't).  Peter's rack suggestion is clutch
> (differn't than your Sachs race clutch that is).  Now's the time to
> paint as much of that engine / bay RED as possible soas to match the
> rest of yer rig.
> Beyond THAT?  
> Def. one of them "intake supercharger insert thingys", yes, fersure
> fercertain.
> Good luck to you sir.  Do make sure to do the job at least 2x - as the
> trans would otherwise be rendered jealous?
> -Fletch
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