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Paul Luevano paul at clarity.net
Mon Mar 31 22:02:19 PDT 2008

DB wrote:
> Has anyone had experience shipping a motorcycle from coast-to-coast?
> I need it picked up from a residence in CA but can go get it from a
> warehouse in NY.
> Best price I found online is HYPERLINK
> "http://www.haulbikes.com"www.haulbikes.com $675 + $30 to pick it up, seems
> a bit excessive…

	I have used Forward Air on several occasions to ship bikes to/from Boston 
to San Francisco and visa versa.  Really just need to keep a bike in SF.  :)

	They have moto specific crates.  All you need are tie-downs and a couple 
of padlocks.  Ride/trailer to the Forward Air Depot, assure them all gas 
has been removed, load into the crate, sign papers.  At the destination, 
unload bike, trailer/ride home.

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