[s-cars] help please, urgent coilpack problem

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 19:55:18 PDT 2008


the miss can be caused by a bad coil or a bad POS, have you confirmed
it isn't a bad POS?

A good source of info is this FAQ

At the above link there is this link to diagnosing an ignition miss:

Now based that you found several splices, I would recommend making
sure you don't have any exposed wires. 

Good luck

--- Jake Gaty <sirslurpee2003 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> When I started my car this morning something definitely wasn't
> right... My s6 was running very rough and the car shook a lot while
> accelerating. To make a long story short, cylinder 2 is not getting
> any spark - and while I suspect it is the coil pack, but do not want
> to spend 125 dollars then find out it is a different problem! I used
> spark plugs from other cylinders to just see if one plug was bad, but
> they all worked. I also swapped all of the plug wires and all of them
> worked. I tried removing the offending pack but was unable to attach
> it from the wiring harness - looks like the clips are stuck
> i'm really at a loss about what to do - a call to the previous owner
> didnt help much and he told me he had to replace one too when he had
> it. I could tell when I opened up the cover because there were a
> bunch of spliced wires inside, and the coilpack for 5 was in the 4
> spot and so on.. i feel like i need to take pictures. I will send
> pictures if that will help anyone.
> basically i'm asking - will replacing just the coilpack fix this?
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