[s-cars] To plow, or not to plow.

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Well since F1 cars have wider rear tires than front, as I believe IRL cars
do as well, there must be something to it.  I think the idea is if the car
has less weight in the rear they help the rear grip better.

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Woah! is me.  Don't ask.
But here's my question to the great and powerful oz:
Staggered wheels.  Supposedly for sure they will increase oversteer.   A
number of high line cars sport them, but is this because they dont want rich
boy racers to do a spinOrama and they look cool?
Given a choice in a RWD car between staggered and not staggered, not
staggered at first blush seems a wiser choice for a good driver as it should
provide more grip in the corners, faster turn in and allow for time to time
tire rotation?
ps  I know NG for quattro.
Bill~often staggered~M
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