[s-cars] Occasional hot no start - '95 S6 avant

Jim Fleischer jim at almgt.com
Wed May 7 14:23:00 PDT 2008

Hi Gents,

Well, my climate control difficulties fixed itself, and I've been enjoying hot and cold air from all vents.  A new issue has sprung up lately.  A few days ago, my car didn't start right away for the first time since I bought it 2 ears ago.  It started up the second time around with little fuss, but thought it odd at the time.  Today, after having driven it for about 10 miles, parked it for about 5 minutes, came back out and -crank crank crank- no start.  Tried this several times within about 15 minutes.....no luck.  Checked under the hood, nothing real obvious, wigged everything I could, still no start.  Let it sit another 10 minutes, and vroom, starts right up.  Drives just fine for the way home, good power, idle, etc. Got home, turned it off, started right up again 2 more times.  Let it sit about the same amount of time, go out and starts right up again.  WTF?

Come to think of it, the CEL light flashed on and off really fast sometime in the last two weeks.  Just once, and quite a while before this all happened.  I've also noticed a slight smell of gasoline in the cabin lately, also occasionally, not always, and before this all started happening.

Any thoughts?


Jim Fleischer
'95 S6 avant
'83 ur

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