[s-cars] Wheel Bearing tool?

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IIRC my local machine shop charged me about $40 a corner to remove the old bearings and press in the new ones. I believe the bearings are directional so review that in Bentley and have a talk with your machine shop person. Not sure if that is a typical issue.

I tried to have the rear bushings replaced at the same time when the hubs where out but the shop guy couldn't get the correct angle and they looked like they were still in good shape (southern car) so I left them in. I have them (2) if you are interested.

Aaron Ryba
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So the Audi tool is $400+

Are there any alternatives?  I am not into making one unless it is drawn 
up already.

Or should I just suck it up and take it to the shop?  What's the going 
rate to R&R a wheel bearing?

Dave Kase

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