[s-cars] Wheel Bearing tool?

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Fri May 9 08:32:03 PDT 2008

Thanks for all the hints, Kurt.  We thank Dave for confusing things
some for asking  the C4 guys about his B5.  The URS4/6 doesn't
use any clips to hold the wheel bearing in place and perhaps
because of that I find the bearings take a lot of force to press in  

The audiworld tech articles all have the guy taking the hub to a shop
to press out something.  I just don't like the idea of spending a couple
of hours on a job after buying a special tool set, and then finding it
doesn't work and I have to pull the strut anyway and use a press.
Mind you, I don't like to pull the strut tower on the C4 since that
introduces it's own set of problems for re-assembly of the control
arm and sway bar, but I am totally against hammering on the
bearing housing or hub in any manner.  I particularly like the part
where the "bearing came apart, but I just stuck it back together".

I have seen the original bearings last for 200K so maybe my need
for the tool is past.  One will have to howl loudly to get my attention

Baum tools has their own version now with a lot more pieces than
the generic Harbor Freight  version so the use is becoming more
mainstream.  If it will cleanly do the job it is certainly worth it to a
shop but they need a rental program for me.


On May 9, 2008, at 10:42 AM, Kurt Deschler wrote:

> Tom,
> I have changed several wheel bearings with one of these tools.
> IME, you are better off to remove the strut at the ball joint and do
> this off the car. This will not disturb your alignment and will  
> save you
> time in the end. The main reason is that will make everything more
> accessable and easier to control.
> The knock-off version does not have an adapter to pull the hub (the  
> hub
> shark may). The easiest approach without an adapter is to secure the
> bolt to the hub and knock it out with a hammer from the inside. This
> will cause the wheel bearing to fall apart, but the race can be easily
> pulled from the hub using either a puller or small prybars on either
> side (there are flat spots on the hub where you can grab the race).
> Getting the bearing shell out is the hard part. The circlips that hold
> it in may be corroded or rusted in place.  It may take some hits  
> with a
> sledgehammer to get the wheel bearing loose, even if you have a good
> impact wrench tightening the nut. You don't want to be doing that on
> the car. You may need to work the bearing in both directions to help
> free the circlips. Once the shell is out, sand off any rust from and
> give a light coating of grease.
> The new bearing goes in without problems as long as you keep it
> relatively straight. You should use an adapter that only contacts the
> bearing shell.
> The hub goes on last. During this step, the bolt must be pulling from
> the back side of the bearing so that it pulls the hub into the bearing
> while holding the bearing together. The important thing in this  
> step is
> not to not pop the races out of the new bearing. Make sure you keep
> inward force on the hub when you are setting of the bolt to avoid  
> this.
> I personally have the HF knock-off version, but I would recommend  
> the Schley
> or hub shark tools if you can afford it, as the quality of the bolt
> included in the knock-off is not very good.
> 	-Kurt
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>> James,
>> I guess I am a little slow, but I can't figure out how to remove the
>> axle
>> hub with this tool, or how it can be used until the hub is out of the
>> way.
>> And then, how to get the hub back in the bearing, all this while the
>> strut
>> is still on the vehicle.
>> This tool sounds like a great time saver. Can you help with a few  
>> hints?
>> Tom
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>>> Dave,
>>> Get the hub shark knock-off from Harbor Freight.  It worked like a
>>> charm on
>>> my wheel bearings.... I think it's about $60-70.  Handy tool to add
>>> to the
>>> collection.
>>> James
>>> On 5/8/08 11:40 AM, "Dave Kase" <davekase at pdqlocks.com> wrote:
>>>> So the Audi tool is $400+
>>>> Are there any alternatives?  I am not into making one unless it is
>>>> drawn
>>>> up already.
>>>> Or should I just suck it up and take it to the shop?  What's the
>>>> going
>>>> rate to R&R a wheel bearing?
>>>> Dave Kase

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