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Sun May 11 08:24:47 PDT 2008

You should ensure that the 5W-30 and 10W-30 oils carry the "energy
conserving"  API starburst and classification.  Audi service  
recommendations for
motor oil without this designation in these grades is limited to 60F  
and below, and
the additional caution to "avoid high-speed long-distance driving if  
outside temp
rises above the indicated limits".  This would apply to the energy  
conserving oils
above 95-100F.

The 5W-40 synthetic oil that meets the Audi 502 and 505 specs for  
newer models
has an energy conserving designation and appears to balance energy  
as shown by increased mileage with possible increased engine wear.   
The bulk of
the data is from 1.8T engines, but more users are showing benefits  
for the AAN as

I think you should match the oil with a long life filter as well,  
since the thin-film oils
will need to filter out smaller contaminant particles, and to be a  
true energy saver
you need to extend oil-change intervals.


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> My experience as well. Oil usage with 15W50, no oil usage with M1  
> 10W30. I
> also use it year round.
> Fred Munro
> '97 S6
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> I'm using 10W30 M1 all year, but I'm not tracking it. I had noted  
> less (as
> in no) oil consumption
> with the 10W30, whereas I'd have about 3/4 qt every 5K change with  
> the 15W50
> M1 I was using.
> LL - NY

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