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Hmmm I've always just "aligned by eye" on multiple Type 44 driveshaft R&R.
Never had a vibration issue.  Given that the CVs at each end are the same as
a regular (wheel) driveshaft and a Universal is extremely tolerant I cannot
figure out why Audi always had such tight specs and special tools.  

Will be interesting to do my first Ur6 driveshaft one day... looks like an
identical design.

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For the vertical alignment of the center bearing, I took a 2x6, notched it 
to clear the center bearing, and drove four 3-inch drywall screws, one for 
each end of each driveshaft half, into it about a half inch.  I then made 
sure the screw heads were in a perfect straight line and held screw heads up

to the driveshaft to check if it was straight vertically.   That was the 
easy part.

For the horizontal alignment I ran a tight string under the driveshaft 
centered under the drive flanges on each end, then checked the horizintal 
alignment at the center bearing.  This was very difficult to do while lying 
flat on the floor.  I used a level to make sure I was shooting the position 
reference straight up from the string.  I think I got it pretty close in the

end but spent a couple of hours doing it.

All of this just happens automatically with the Audi alignment fixture. 

Wayne Dohnal
1994 S4

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> Wayne;
> How did you align the driveshaft when you re-installed it?
> Fred Munro
> '97 S6

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