[s-cars] Got my first Nigerian scam on my S6 FS

Dave Kase davekase at pdqlocks.com
Fri May 16 09:05:17 PDT 2008

Child's play.  I kept my guy going for weeks.  I received about $10,000 
in checks and USPS Money Orders from him.  I just put them up on the 
bulletin board for safe keeping.


Harold McComas wrote:
> Presenting for your Friday Laff theatre.... bad Engrish......
> Ad follows:
> "Hi,
>     Good to contact you concerning your advertisement at Audi would like to 
> purchase but you have to tell me directly your asking price in your reply.I 
> believe all you said about it and if there are more to be said about 
> it,kindly let me know in your reply as well.I would have loved to view the 
> pictures but to be honest i so much have believe in you to the extent that i 
> trust everything you said about it.
>    About myself,i am from Sweden and my wife likes an American vehicle.She 
> is the one am secretly buying it for on our 30th wedding anniversary which 
> comes up next month.
>     My wife and I both know our Liquid cash at the moment and i don't want 
> him to know am buying this for her until the day.I have discussed with an 
> associate of mine who hails from your country and has assured to finance 
> both the selling cost and the shipment for me which i will later pay him 
> back but the little problem is that the guy is not at home at the moment.So 
> you are the one that will help me to take care of the shipping by this 
> simple method:-Hand over it to the shipper when they meet you at home for 
> pick up but you will help me to transfer shipping funds to the shipper via 
> western union because my associate said he can't issue two different cheques 
> at a time.He has promised to put the whole funds on one cheque and i implore 
> you to be of help to me by paying the shipper when you clear the cheque and 
> deduct your selling price from it.Thanks and please get back to me with your 
> details such as:
>      Full name to be printed on cheque
>      Your postal address
>      Phone number.
>     Thanks and i would be expecting to read from you as soon as possible.
> Best wishes.
> Mr Gary."
> (End of Ad)
> Funny, everywhere I have the car listed has a price and pictures or a link 
> to pictures. Thought you all might appreciate the chuckle.
> Harold M
> 96 Audi S6 , almost sold, we'll see 
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