[s-cars] S-Car sighting: Kanata, Ontario..

Dave Ellis UrS4 at sympatico.ca
Fri May 16 21:15:39 PDT 2008

Nope, not me today.  :o)

I regularly see four green S4/S6's in the Kanata area I'm working in now 

I had mine in the driveway finishing up my S6 steering wheel conversion 
all day today.  Used the German S6 switches and parts rather than the 
cut and glue method.  What a PITA!  Took *hours* to figure out the 
correct wiring to get everything to work properly and where the mistakes 
in the Bentley wiring diagrams are.

Tomorrow it's the brakes and putting on the summers.  What fun things to 
do on a long weekend!


Tony Curran wrote:
> You were facing south about to turn in to Timm Drive. I was on Timm Drive.
> Green S4 - nice wheels. Was that you Dave?
> Tony
> 96 S6

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