[s-cars] tires again, this time for a non-S Audi

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
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i had the yokohama ES100 on a miata.  they were OK, but rather soft in steering response.

on the UrS4, i have the BFG g-force T/A KDWS, which appears to have been replaced by the super sport.  great tire.  it has the same carcass as the g-force KD and sharp steering response, but a tread that's more biased toward all-season use.  i've been very happy with this tire.  it's never let me down in the snow, even pushing through unplowed snow bumper-high, and has very good dry traction for buzzing freeway ramps in the bay area.  i have about 25k miles on them now and still plenty of tread.

if all-season is not a must, what about the g-force KD or KDW?

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s-Brain? trust...

Need a set of replacement tires for my 1991 90Q20v which has a set of 
205/50/15 Yokohama ES100s mounted on 15 inch Borbets.

I enoyed the handling (turn-in) of the ES100s, but would like a tire 
that would wear less quickly -
so a combination of stiff sidewall, UTQ in the 300s, etc...

I do have dedicated snows, so an all season is not a must.

I am considering the BF Goodrich G Force 

So sporty but not all out for track....

TIA for any recommendations!


-Peter Schulz
Chelmsford Ma, USA

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