[s-cars] So how do I remove rusted rear license plate bolts?

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Thanks Steve.?? Will give it a try.? Dave

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This is common.  Try not to work them too much so they spin.  I have
ground off the heads of the license plate mounting screws with a
grinder.  Once the plate is off, you can remove the two bolts that hold
the license plate surround to the trunk lid.  This is also held on with
the black gooey sealer that is used on the center taillights, so it
takes some pulling to get it off.  Once off, you can remove the rusted
captive nuts from the back of the plate surround.

You can get replacement captive nuts from the dealer, but you'll be in
the same spot in a couple years.  And if the square holes are rounded
out, the new nuts won't hold anyway.  A more permanent solution I have
found is to get regular license plate bolt sets from any auto parts
store.  The ones with the plastic snap in "nuts".  They snap right into
the square holes on the surround.  If the holes are rounded out, square
them off with a file.  If they aren't too bad, you should still be able
to make the "nut" snap in.  If they are rounded out too big, use 2-part
epoxy and glue the plastic "nut" onto the surround.

Good luck.


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Been on about 4 yrs now...? When I try to remove them they are either
frozen or spin.? Do I just remove the trim piece on the underside of the
trunk and get at them with vice grips?

I got a nice audi sport?frame waiting to be installed.

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