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chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Sat May 24 13:34:54 PDT 2008


I purchased Apikol's kit.

Remember Apikol includes the coils and trims them down so they fit.
With 034's they no longer include coils, so if you go that route you
have to source your own coils and trim them, add in the cost of the
coils to 034's kit.

I am impressed with Apikol's harness, it looks like it came out of
a factory and wasn't custome made by hand. The construction, better
than I had expected. I can't speak for the 034's coil harness, but
based would expect they work equally as well.

With that said, I ordered the Apikol kit because it included
including the trimmed coils.

I fully endorse the Apikol kit.


--- George Verbryck <georgeverbryck at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Can anyone out there give information about the positive and/or
> negative of the Apikol and 034 coil conversion. Is one better than
> the other, they are almost identical in price. I am having a bucking
> at wot and would rather just replace the whole shebang than search
> out a bad coil or POS. I already have the coils but need the wiring.
> Also any experience the with the Apikol replacement coil cover. Many
> Thanks, George
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