[s-cars] Meyle coolant overflow tank

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu May 29 08:51:30 PDT 2008

Add me to the list of unhappy customers who bought this bargain part  
and spent double the savings trying to keep the coolant topped off.
Although there was a little wet spot under the tank this winter it  
did not require any coolant addition.  A spring drive in the  
mountains this
spring changed all that as a significant leak developed that required  
two top-offs to get home.  I didn't find the stress cracks until I  
the tank, but there were two 1/2 inch cracks on the bottom where the  
interior partitions are attached inside the tank.  The tank was 1 year
old, and I replaced it with the genuine Audi part.  The original had  
served for 10 years without a problem until the overflow nipple cracked.
It had a coating of rust inside that I could not remove so neglect  
may have contributed to its failure.

I still have a Meyle tank on the avant, so I'll probably be doing  
this again soon, but at least I will be looking for the first small  
seepage that
will hopefully precede the bigger leak.

Tom  '95 S6
           '95.5 S6 avant

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