[s-cars] Tie rod end removal

Paul Heneghan paul at heneghan.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 11:51:37 PDT 2008


I'm trying to replace both front tie rod ends on my wife's 1995 S6.  I've
started with the right-hand side and I'm having problems separating the tie
rod end from the tie rod. The 22mm locknut and the clamping ring were very
easy to loosen.  But, now I can't get the tie rod end off.  I've tried
penetrating fluid, I've tried a plumber's blow torch, I've tried rotating it
clockwise, I've tried rotating it anticlockwise, but it won't budge.

Should I remove the whole tie rod so I can get better access to it and use
bigger wrenches?

Any BTDTs?


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