[s-cars] Tie rod end removal

Paul Heneghan paul at heneghan.co.uk
Sat Nov 1 17:42:35 PDT 2008

Thanks Fred,

Some new (to me) ideas there.  I'll work my way through them and let you
know which one works.  I've also considered elongating the slots (carefully
so as not to cut into the threaded rod) with a Dremel.


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From: Fred Munro [mailto:munrof at sympatico.ca]

>If I recall correctly the tie rod end is slotted in the threaded section.
>Clean out the slots with a sharp tool to allow the penetrating oil to soak
>in. Place a big hammer under the threaded section of the tie rod end as an
>'anvil" and whack on the top of the threaded section with another hammer -
>the objective is to flex the threads and break the rust loose. Work around
>the tie rod end with the hammers. If that doesn't work, heat the end up
>your propane torch and melt a wax candle on the hot metal. The wax wicks
>into the threads and lubricates them; this often works when penetrating oil
>fails. If that doesn't work you'll likely need a flame wrench aka
>oxy-acetylene torch to heat the end red hot.
>If you do remove the tie rod, you can secure it in a vise to get more
>on the end, but be careful not to damage the rod.
>Good luck! These can be a real pain.

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