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Sun Nov 23 14:32:28 PST 2008

To fully appreciate the styling and design (read curves) of a 911 you need to 
wash one.  If you had you'd understand its "beauty."
Mark near Chicago 
with a clean Boxster, 993tt and S6

Taka wrote in part: 
The thing is, I love 911s- despite their looks. So maybe I sound like an
idiot, but the appeal to me of the 911 is the way they drive- the directness
of the steering, the distinctive sound of that flat six, the impressive

I love the view out of 911s as well, especially the air-cooled ones with the
bolt-upright windshield and the intimate confines of a much smaller cabin
than the watercooled 996 and 997 incarnations.

But styling? No. The race cars definitely have a purposeful look to them-
esp. the widebody RSRs and similar. As such, they have a very aggressive,
menacing look to them. It's appealing, to a degree. The street cars to me
don't really have that going for them and the targa and cabriolet versions
are the worst, in terms of styling.

Maybe I have to reiterate, rather strongly- I would definitely buy a 911,
definitely wouldn't mind owning one, but not for its looks.

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