[s-cars] Apikol Report

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 9 16:22:26 PDT 2008

Someone mentioned earlier in the thread about heat. I have the monster air
intake mod which means I have a gap open to air right in front of the engine
block. I measured the air temp driver side of the turbo before and after the
mod and measured a significant difference (about 2 degrees). I wonder if
this would help.

Just out of interest I ordered the Apikol coil kit this week and should be
installing it at the weekend.

What about the spark plugs. Changing the F5DPOR to NGK BKR7EIX. Would that
make a difference?

96 S6

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Yes, I¹m curious, too. Anyone running these??? As far as the stock system
goes, I¹ll be slowly rehabbing my old system to have a back up to the Apikol
kit should I want to swap back. It seems, though that stock coils are
getting a bit tougher to find. At least that¹s what I¹m hearing. Haven¹t
really started looking hard myself.

Yes, I¹ll keep a 1.8 coil in the trunk. No worries about that.

Tom Œ95 S6 Avant

On 10/8/08 4:52 PM, "Theodore Chen" <tedebearp at yahoo.com> wrote:

> so how are those LS2 coil projects coming along?  is anybody running 
> them on his car yet?
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> Tom: The weak link is the 1.8t coil pack's ability to handle heat.  
> For normal driving, with some short
> duration boost periods, they are fine even at RS2 levels.   For tracking,
> sustained periods of boost and higher engine temperatures, they will 
> die quickly (Marc Swanson will attest to that).  They are a  
> reasonably priced  solution to full replacement of both OE POS units 
> and five OE coils.  They are not  an improvement over the OE system.  
> 034's HO coil system is an improvement.
>  A few of us including Chris Chambers here are working on applying LS2 
> (Delphi D514A or  D585)  coils to UrS duty.  These coils can be 
> purchased new at around $20 each (connectors about $10 each)
>  so there is a good potential for lots of bang for the buck.  Time  will
> whether they are an
>  improvement.
> In the meantime, enjoy (but keep a spare prepped  1.8t coil pack in 
> the trunk).
> Dave F.
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