[s-cars] Suggestions on selling S6

Michael Lardizabal mikellardizabal at yahoo.com
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I echo Jeff's sentiments.

Your pages were great help to me when I first started my research into the legend and lore of SCar insanity. Be it praise or blame, your car and efforts are appreciated.

Good luck and if I do come across a prospect I will let them know.

Mike Lardizabal

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I have to echo Chris Chambers comments that the used S-car market right
now is tough going right now.
That coupled with a general recession has any car -buyer- being very
shrewd and patient. 

Our C4 chassis S cars have an intense following (still) but small market
per se' and those that DO follow these cars as buyers, 
seek real steal-deals in general. That might improve in next spring time

There are examples on the market in the mid teens...for example Oliwer78
(Mike)  at $12.5K in NJ..   I'll find that link and send it to you. 

I have seen actual prices for cars setup with your pedigree go mid-teens

For example Will Griffin sold a well sorted 1994-S4 in Kansas City this
spring for 16.5K 
to a Porsche owner who loved it and could pay that price. That's
pre-Wall Street melt down though.
Have to look up what Igor Kessel got for his 1997-S6 as another ref

Your S6, Charlie, is very well built and has heritage going back to the
early days of Amoroso, Hunter, Ackley, Mendel, Billoti and others.

So finding a buyer who is cash strong, sufficiently to pay what it's
worth AND appreciate that heritage will take time indeed.

I hope you can be patient, I'm sorry to see you depart the herd, you've
contributed mightily to the mod path we now enjoy.

Jeff Posto 
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