[s-cars] Suggestions on selling S6

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 13:24:05 PDT 2008

Jeff, Larry, etc.:

I gotta disagree here- the car market is very poor this year. I think
postulating that a C4 S-car is worth mid teens is a little foolish- that's
so far above what the car is worth, you'll only get that if you find the
right buyer and he/she likes what you've done with the car, etc.

Typical C4 S-cars are in the $4-6k range.

Along the same lines, my old '04 STi with 17k sold for $18k. That's below
market, but I sold it immediately, no BS, no test drives, nothing. That's a
car with a similar cult following, albeit a much younger crowd. Really clean
STis with the kind of mileage mine had were selling for absolutely no more
than $19-19.5k.

Heck, the way the market is going, I'm afraid that I've overpaid for my C6-
I got a good deal at the time, but things have changed for the worse even
since August.


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