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Sun Sep 21 16:41:22 PDT 2008

That was the business all right, Jack, and the automobile roll of clear
appeared to be 48" that was fed to the cutter.  Since they did RV's,
aircraft, etc, there were some big patterns to cut.  Perhaps some  
would work for the less than perfect paint if we don't run afoul of  
the Audi
trademark police.

Sorry for the late reply, I've been on vacation for the last two weeks.

The clear bra on my sedan is about 12" up the hood and continues with
a small triangle on the fender frontal area.  The flare has a small  
strip up
it in 3 pieces through the bumper junction and the bumper and upper trim
is completely covered.  These folks had a lot of experience designing  
kits, installing them, and teaching others how, so I really think  
this is the way
to make a pre-cut kit.

If you have a fax, I could send you a pattern description for the A6  
from their
catalog.  I don't have the S6 but this is similar, since the hood kit  
would fit
exactly, and mirrors and a-pillar trim also.

I agree, the mirror is a great place to experiment on installation.   
this newly located company will be the ticket or Kevin can locate the  
shield stuff.


> Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 22:43:02 -0700
> From: "Jack Walker" <jack at walkerperformancegroup.com>
> Subject: Re: [s-cars] Clear bra info
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> The guys that had the patterns were in the Graphics business, I?ll  
> bet it
> was wide format graphics printing!
> I?ve worked in this exact industry for the last 10 years! I at one  
> time
> researched purchasing the thicker headlight material myself, our  
> vendors
> wouldn?t sell me partial rolls, and I could buy it from PUMA so I  
> discarded
> the direction. I?ve never installed the 3M Scotchgard clear, but  
> couldn?t be
> that much different than the 3M Scotchprint I have installed on  
> vehicles for
> graphics.
> The Wide Format graphics business starts at 50? output devices and  
> goes
> easily to 20? (yeah that?s feet) wide rolls. However depending on  
> what is
> necessary for our uses, it might be able to be cut on smaller vinyl  
> plotters
> like 24?. Depending on the roll widths and what is necessary to cut  
> this
> particular material with
> I?m assuming you know it ALL comes off a roll, I don?t care if you  
> use a CAD
> or an illustrator file or cut it with a die or a blade!
> Professional installers do it with flat pieces to wrap around  
> mirrors door
> handles, cut to shapes, but they are really good! They cut, heat, and
> stretch it to the absolute limits.
> The material is flat it comes off rolls, there?s no getting around it!
> So here?s what ya need to do, go get any flat sticker and wrap it  
> around
> something smooth like an apple or a water melon.
> Practice that, before you consider telling someone they don?t have  
> a chance
> in hell! Try and cover it with whatever shape or pattern you think  
> will
> cover either?give it a shot! Better yet get some Goo Gone and  
> practice on
> your mirrors with some really tacky stickers, I will tomorrow in the
> daylight!
> So enough of this bantering back and forth!
> Sure it is easier for DIY I won?t argue that, if we have patterns,  
> so let?s
> make some!
> Our panels are big enough and there isn?t any significant issue we  
> really
> should have problems with,
> I know I can make patterns in any vector based drawing program like
> Illustrator!
> What does everyone want to cover?
> Everywhere we stop will create a line that we need to consider when
> polishing and waxing, because the polishes and waxes will adhere to  
> the edge
> of the adhesive.
> Mirrors? Just the US mirrors, anybody gone to the trouble of gong  
> Euro,
> bigger passenger side???
> Hood, how far up towards the windshield..6?, 12?, 24?
> Front fenders, how far back, cause it could match up to the hood line?
> I?ve got chips on the beginning of the flares on my front fenders
> Front bumpers, how far back, my vote would be all the way
> Then do you want it to wrap around the edges on some pieces and not  
> others?
> Like if you do go to the back of the bumper sides, why not wrap it  
> around
> and tuck in inside of the fender liner?
> But where do ya stop on the front/top of the bumper, try and slide  
> it under
> the molding, do we do the molding as well?
> Same thing on the fender?
> Obviously it stops at the top of the hood how ever far back we  
> decide, do we
> wrap in under the front!
> My vote would be to wrap in under the front.
> Go look at some of the professional installs at various  
> dealerships, Audis,
> Porsche, MB, BMW, look at how it?s done.
> Look at some cars that it?s been on there for a while, check out  
> the problem
> areas that it might have bubbled or lifted, why did they happen?
> Read the new companies website HYPERLINK
> "http://clearfilmprotection.com/"http://clearfilmprotection.com/  
> that is
> doing it now, their notes come from 3M
> It is warrantied up to five years, but don?t plan on getting any 3M
> warranty, that only comes from professional installers.
> Headlights are really a no brainer. I cut my own with a razor knife!
> You can but the material from PUMA, 800-333-7862.
> Mine have been on my S6 Euros for like 2 1/2 years, and the  
> previous set I
> cut were on a 91200TQA for like 4 years
> Jack Walker
>    _____
> From: Tom Green [mailto:trgreen at comcast.net]
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> To: Jack Walker
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> Subject: Re: [s-cars] Clear bra info
> The benefit of having the material pre-cut to the exact pattern  
> needed to
> cover the hood and each portion of the front end can not be  
> overstated.  If
> it is already pre-cut for a certain area, then you know
> that you are not over stretching the film too much or not putting  
> it on
> straight.  The film is flat and must be stretched some to fit the  
> shape of
> the vehicle.  It's more technique and art than it is rocket  
> science, so some
> practice leads to the perfect installation.  If you have the material
> pattern cut to start with, you can do a master installation on the  
> first
> try.  If you are starting with roll material, I don't
> give you a chance in hell  without a professional installer whom  
> you have
> personally watched install raw material on a vehicle.  The sad part  
> is, this
> CAD file exists somewhere that makes this a DIY
> job.  This thread is all about the money.  A pro can easily provide  
> you with
> a high quality job, but you can do it for 1/2 if you have a good kit.
> Tom
> On Sep 8, 2008, at 11:24 PM, Jack Walker wrote:
> Guys,
> The 3M Scotchgard material is pretty easy to get in many thicknesses,
> exceptionally so! Any large format solvent based inkjet printing  
> company can
> get it in the thickness necessary for covering paint on cars, and  
> use their
> in house X-Y cutting systems to cut it into the shapes necessary.  
> I'm going
> to wager that the material comes in 30", 50" and larger roll  
> widths, all
> that's necessary for the shapes is a Freehand, Illustrator or  
> vector based
> file to cut them out of the material, not some high end CAD file  
> for a die
> cutter. These materials are cut in exactly the same fashion as "cut  
> vinyl
> with blade type cutting devices, and some actual lasers in some  
> really high
> applications, unless you have so many of one type of vehicles they can
> justify the expense of actually making dies, which aren't cheap!  
> This is
> exactly the same cutting formats on stuff I did for many POP  
> campaigns for
> large format advertising!
> But the material alone isn't the issue as you can see when looking  
> at any
> vehicle wrap you might see on the street! The real issue is  
> installation;
> it's truly an art form to get the stuff on the cars, convex and  
> concave
> shapes and extra material. Although, any competent vehicle graphics
> installer can do it. I'll have to go back into my notes, but 3M has an
> official installer network which could be used with our cut material.
> And Tom makes an excellent point, we can make the templates, and  
> put it on
> cars! But the stuff looks crappy on anything other than good paint  
> jobs!
> Jack Walker
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> Gentz,
> The Invinca-Shield.co web site is automaticly forwarded to
> HYPERLINK "http://clearfilmprotection.com/"http:// 
> clearfilmprotection.com/
> I'm gonna guess this new site bought out Invinca-Shield.com
> Chris
> --- Tom Green <HYPERLINK  
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> wrote:
>> Unfortunately, Invinca-Shield went out of business last year, Paul.
>> I had called wanting another kit for my avant, but I was told by
>> Kim Handy, the finance director, that they were in negotiations for
>> selling that part of the business as a package, and the company
>> president did not want to jeopardize negotiations.  When things
>> hadn't moved much I offered to buy a number of kits ( 5 to 10 ) in
>> September 2007, but that was nixed as well.  They had a graphics
>> business separate from the clear bra, and I understood they
>> would likely remain in business there, but only sell off the clear
>> bra operation, because it had grown so much, and the installation
>> and dealer installation  training was such a big part of that part of
>> the business.  The president, Bart ? , promised to let me know
>> who bought the patterns (cad-cam software patterns on a H-P
>> computer).  Since nobody is likely to measure another S4 and S6
>> for a kit, I suspect the custom install is the only option now.  $600
>> or so instead of the $260 kit.
>> Then, when I tried to call a month later, the phones were dead and
>> the web site gone.  I have no idea where that hard drive went,
>> but surely someone has it.  It had motorcycle, airplane, motor home,
>> and about any motor vehicle you could imagine in the data-
>> base, all painstakingly measured by hand and transferred to the
>> digital software program via a large x-y plotter.  The pattern
>> cutting was all automated and controlled by the computer just as a
>> CNC milling machine operates.
>> I haven't found any more information about them.  I had hoped some of
>> the installers would know something or a new web site would
>> appear with all their patterns on it.  I am sick about the effort I
>> put in this, only to have this happen.  If you see anything out there
>> that
>> is similar or find anything about this company, please let me know.
>> N. Wilkesboro, NC is such a small town and well off the beaten
>> path that I doubt that any employees that would know the facts
>> remained in the area.
>> I do have an unused kit for a '98 e-class mercedes.  :-)
>> Tom
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>>> That's it Floyd!
>>> Thanks so much.  I'll be calling them later today.
>>> Paul
>>> Floyd Noel wrote:
> "http://www.s-cars.org/postnuke/modules.php"http://www.s-cars.org/ 
> postnuke/m
> odules.php?
>> op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=196&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0
>>>> Is this it?
>>>> On Sun, Sep 7, 2008 at 7:20 PM, P. Dooley <HYPERLINK
> "mailto:weski at icubed.com"weski at icubed.com>
>> wrote:
>>>>> So, I remember someone talking about a 3M clear bra kit for the
>>>>> C4 S6
>>>>> cars but I can't find it in the archives.  I thought I saved that
>>>>> post
>>>>> too cause I knew I was going to get some new paint this year and
>>>>> would
>>>>> want the clear bra before winter.  Well, I've got the paint done
>> and
>>>>> aged and know I can't find any place that sells a kit for the 95
>> S6.
>>>>> Does anyone still have the link from the old post?
>>>>> TIA,
>>>>> Paul
>>>>> 95 S6 getting stone chips on a pristine bumper

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