[s-cars] injector connectors? female AMP junior timer 2 position

Douglas Landaeta dlandaeta at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 18:33:03 PDT 2009

Anyone know of a good source for the injector connectors. They're AMP
#928516 on the housing. It's usually called a Junior Timer Connector, but
these must be with the silicon seals. I'm getting close in a tyco
electronics catalog, but maybe there's a shortcut of wisdom out there? This
would be the solution to my intermittent miss. I'd like to just replace all
5 and the CPS connector as well, then I'm good for another 15 years (if they
still produce the same quality).
The part/kit is probably on this url page below, but a $2 or $3 connector
shouldn't be $11.95!




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