[s-cars] Q5 Report

bill mahoney airbil at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 20:53:47 PDT 2009

No, I didn't get banned, but maybe retroactively.
All and all my impression of the Q5 is: (insert drumroll)... meh.
Sorry Audi.  It is quite nice for what it is.. just not for meforsure.
We did have opp for 3 or 4 zero to 60 to zero runs which are always fun.
Especially in "not my car."
Also 3 /4 slalom runs also in "not my car."
Got to share my time with no less than the pres. of the ACNA, Wisconsin.
Really noice guy and no where near as nutty as me thankfully.
Also got to chat up the product mgr for a8 and a6.  I was trying to get an
R8 test mule for Sfest '09 but he didnt seem enthusiastic.  I also suggested
that Audi consider painting all their cars red ala Henry Ford style.  This
was also ixnayed.
He did say that Audi continued with this / these style marketing events
whilst Bimmer and MB have cancelled.   That said, whilst the Q7 event had
shrimp cocktail, the Q5 event had granola and "Audi" labelled water.
Apparently too the A3 aint doin so hot, although the one they had there
looked really good.
Here's my Q5 flickr slideshow... if it works.  ( The muddy Ducati cycle pic
is the aftemath of my post event cycling event with D2 Paul Waterloo.)


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