[s-cars] Reducing ETKA 7.2 online annoyance messages with

jeff postupack jeff.postupack at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 13:03:18 PDT 2009

Ian wrote:
" Assuming ETKA installed successfully. I *did* do the crack that is
part of the instructions, and ETKA 7.2 is happy on my Parallels
virtual 32-bit Vista Ultimate."

 Well I have to tell your my Win XP experience.

I built an ISO DVD Rom.. so I could launch the autorun*.exe and install.
After install, I had to change to English.. even though I selected English
during the install. (the file Captura-2.png in Screen shots showed me how..

So I was running EKTA 7.2 happily, yesterday.
Then today, having re-read the instructions that came from the FTP..
(" 3. Use the crack "Crack-FIX_72_3.exe" )

I ran this Crack Fix, , but it didn't fix much.. In fact it broke my

it caused my EKTA app to report a HardLock error and would not open.  My BFH
method to get around THIS was to remove ETKA and re-install, this time did
not do the Crack fix.

I dunno.. but ETKA 7.2 is really nice.. drooling over R8's and S5's I cannot
afford yet ;-(

Thanks for the Finesse Ian, I'll try that next.

Jeff Posto

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