[s-cars] Any Interest in Brake Upgrade with 993 Carrera Caliper

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Wed Apr 29 15:39:58 PDT 2009

Hi folks,
I've been working with Brendan at Apikol to come up with a bracket to work
with 993 Carrera calipers and 314x30 rotors. Just wondering if there is any
interest in a multiple order before I commit? Apikol can supply bracket,
bolts and SS hoses. S-Cars.org has the 314x30 S6+ rotors and you will have
to source your own calipers and pads. I sourced a pair of used calipers from
Ebay for $400.
Not the 993tt capable braking but improved over stock.
Any interest?
96 S6

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