[s-cars] RF remote registration - Uh-oh

Tom Winter tom at tomwintermedia.com
Mon Aug 17 15:23:57 PDT 2009

To reprogram your remote, use one key to turn the car on, get out and lock
the door using the other key (in the door), then press your remote button
(up to four times, for four different keys, 5 sec a part for each "pulse"),
then wait a minute or so, use the remote on the exterior key, and it should
be programmed and work correctly.

Also, according to the owner's manual, if you leave your car unused for 7
days or so, the remote will shut off to conserve battery power. Simply
unlock the car with the key in the door, and use the vehicle, the remote
should re-set.

Good luck,

Tom '95 S6 Avant

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