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Sorry to posting a question before even blinking out the codes.  But I'm
miles from home, and I have a problem that's suddenly getting a lot
very fast.  I'm about to get back in the car and hopefully get it home
before the traffic's too bad.

The car suddenly and without warning shuts down while driving at steady
speed on the highway.  I can't be sure if it's ignition or fuel, but
no stumble - it goes from running great to not running at all.  So far
has only happened during steady cruise at 75/80 mph.  Speedo and tach
register correctly after the stall.  No CEL.

I can restart the car and resume travel before the car even slows to 65
- it starts right back up like there was never a problem, no matter how
the car is, and it ONLY fails while driving.  So I do NOT suspect the
(which was replaced about 40K miles ago).

I'm thinking fuel pump relay.  Looking for ideas - what else could
this way?  I'll blink codes tonight and report.



I had a 200 10V that exhibited your symptoms - flying down the freeway,
alls well, all of sudden, nothing, nada, pull on over before you get
hit.  Wait 10 seconds, engine starts fine.  Kept doing that all the way
back home (only 10 miles or so), and got worse as I kept driving.  Fuel
pump change put things back to rights once I was home and could steel
myself to go fuel tank diving.  


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