[s-cars] Re;[s-ars] Oil Leak - Driver's side of engine

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Tue Aug 18 13:53:01 PDT 2009

Most probably buy the aftermarket parts online since the switch is  
used on a wide variety
of models, just matching the black insulator for the pressure range -  
that is listed as 1.4 bar
and those that reference an OEM number post 068 919 081.

By the time the light comes on, the engine is out of oil, so your  
reaction is late already.

I think most old school types would prefer a pressure gage, the issues  
are where to put it
and the pressure switch works fine as long as the center insulator  
doesn't blow out.  If a
similar failure happened to a gage sender, I don't think you would  
gain any reaction time,
so a gage is not a certain cure for this problem.


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> So by the time an oil pressure light comes I'm assuming the oil is  
> so low
> that you better make a decision to stop that baby from spinning  
> right away!
> Replacement of the sensor sounds simple when doing an oil change. I  
> didn't
> seen the sensor part number in any of the posts?
> Does the sensor have the capacity to split in multiple directions as  
> in
> continue onto the oil pressure light and a pressure gauge as well or  
> does
> the collective wisdom of the group recommend getting a pressure  
> gauge tapped
> into somewhere else or eliminate the light? Frankly I'd prefer just
> eliminating the light and go with a stand alone electrical/ 
> mechanical gauge,
> but I'm sure the Audi gods wouldn't allow that ; ^)
> Jack

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