[s-cars] cold feet while driving

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Thu Aug 20 12:46:22 PDT 2009

It appears you have not provided sufficient instruction to son before  
turning over responsibility
for care and feeding of S4.  If the car is to be exposed to the  
elements, the plenum drains
under the hood must be kept clean or cold feet will be the least of  
the problems.  It could be
a condensate drain under the evaporator coil, but the most likely to  
send water to the drivers
feet is the plenum has a significant amount of water trapped in it.

If that is happening, the passenger side is undoubtedly wet as well.   
A significant amount of
water can be held under the carpet in the cable runs and foam before  
it is obvious, especially
when there is no passenger to notice the rising flood.  The ECU is  
perilously close to this
water and getting it wet when power is on is known to kill it.

We have had the kind of rainstorms recently that will flood a plenum  
with clogged drains in
just an hour or so.  If the floor is wet, don't turn on the key until  
you investigate.


> On Wednesday 19 August 2009 Chris Chambers <fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com 
> > wrote:
> Did you check and make sure the plenum drains are clear?
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>> Subject: [s-cars] cold feet while driving
>> Drove sons S4 down to NC last week and noticed I get cold feet  
>> while driving
>> with AC on. Seems on right turns the system pours cold water on my  
>> right foot.
>> Good for staying awake via cold shock but there must be a clogged  
>> drain in AC
>> system to make this happen.
>> Thoughts?
>> ?
>> Mike( writing off the S4 till school break)P

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