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Graham Hicks urs6turbo at yahoo.ca
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Hey Paul,

Not sure on the frequency of changing the cabin filter, but there was discussion about blower squeal a year or two back on 
AudiWorld.  Someone discovered that the three felt or rubber gaskets were just dried out, and were translating the vibration to the blower box.  The solution, as I remember it, was to open it up and lube them liberally with petroleum jelly.  
There was also talk that a strategically placed drill bit hole or two would allow some kind of lubricant to be sprayed directly onto them.  
From experience, I can tell you that replacing the blower motor may well not fix the squealing issue.  It will however consume 3-6hours of your time and will no doubt give you a couple of bloodied knuckles.  If I had believed it was possible, I would have saved myself that pain and gone the two little drill bit holes route.  My car has over 350,000kms, and it didn't really have bad bearings, there was a groove worn into the rotor, but the squeal was not bearing related.

Hope this helps,

Graham Hicks
UrS6Turbo at Yahoo.ca

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Drives2944 at aol.com wrote:
> Did I read correct that you have a 95.5 S6? If so, when was the last 
> time you replaced your cabin filter? That was the problem on mine. Once 
> I replaced the cabin filter, much more air through the system and no 
> more fan noise. The cabin filter started on the 95.5 US model.

    Yes, '95.5.  Cabin filter changed just before I bought the car, 2 years 
ago?  How often should I be changing that sucker?

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