[s-cars] Bentley help? heater/AC plumbing questions

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sun Aug 23 18:25:25 PDT 2009


This is not really welcome news.  The hose connections are all in the  
area and will drain out there.  Coolant in the cabin is a failed  
heater core.

I thought I could just drop a link to the article on the replacement,  
but that was
in the audifans repair section that was destroyed.  Here are the two  
that I see
right away.  There are probably more in the C4 model 100/A6 FAQ.    
There is a
link to it in the first link of AW information.



Maybe this is some help in starting.  It is one of the most lengthy  
DIY repairs on the car
after engine replacement and suspension repair, but not as dirty--just  
a lot of tedious
work removing stuff that has no relation to the problem.  I find all  
those that say they
removed and replaced the box without removing lots of interior parts  
probably didn't
put things back together totally.  Also, consider if your blower motor  
or central flap
motor is a candidate for replacement while accessible.


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> Hey, I have the pentosin film developing on the inside windshield and
> the smell of coolant when the AC is running. I presume a hose or
> coupling has given way, but I've never had to get to the heater core
> or into the AC plumbing before....Any BTDT help?
> Thanks mucho.
> Peter Dowker
> 1993 S4.
> One thing after another.

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