[s-cars] squealing crickets associated with HVAC system

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Sun Aug 23 19:00:43 PDT 2009


Just because it is a little blower doesn't make the fix any smaller  
than the
big blower fix.  : > )

1,  remove the center dash AC vent grill
2,  remove the airbox immediately behind it.
3,  then you can see the assembly with the assistance of a mirror and
assess what fasteners to remove.
OR,  remove dash and turn it upside down.

URS4.com or this list had some reports on this repair around the turn  
of the

A shot or two of Kroil down the right hole might help with  
constipation, but I
doubt there is much benefit here.  : > )

I didn't see any reservation for S//Fest from you this year.  : > (


> On Sunday 23 August 2009 Robert Myers <bob at chips-ur-s.com> wrote:
> Hi Y'all,
> This noise is not (I don't think anyway) connected with the blower
> for the AC.  Instead it is a high pitched cricket-like sound which
> seems to come from the little (~3/4" square) dash top vent after the
> AC has been running for quite some time - usually an hour or
> more.  The noise goes away if the AC blower fan is slowed way down or
> turned off but I really don't want to have to disable the AC for the
> sake of a little quiet.
> Is there a tiny blower in there which moves cabin air over a
> temperature sensor or something like that?  Anyway, what's the repair
> procedure?  Please don't start with "Step 1 - remove the dash".
> Bob

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