[s-cars] squealing crickets associated with HVAC system

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Mon Aug 24 07:13:59 PDT 2009

I think this happens about once a year for me.

Here's a pic of what the blower looks like

Remove the two screws from the driver's side that hold the temp sensor and
take that out.

Look in der and see the blower wheel.

I've had success with kroil with blower on and off. just sprayin the stuff
in there.  

You must pray to the audi godz to direct the stuff to the squeaky bearings.

I've done this about once a year for the past five and it's way easier and
cheaper than a new blower.  

We'll see how long this can go on before a new blower is totally necessary.

That's all I can tell ya.

Bill~ala Dylan. the answer is blowin' in the kroil~M





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