[s-cars] Radiator fan not blowing

Hap Maguire captmagu at aol.com
Tue Aug 25 20:21:04 PDT 2009

Mr Balooney

OK, do dees tings wit dakine fans hook onto da beeg ting dat goes up  
and down??? If you go fast enuf den you don't need dakine fan tings.  
Just to be safe you could pull dakine transmister cause dat goes round  
and round jus like dose fan tings.

Hap, wit dakine round and round advise not from Evcahboost, Maguire

On Aug 25, 2009, at 7:05 PM, bill mahoney wrote:

> Folk's,
> So, while taking kidz to famous daves bbq, stuck in traffic,  
> suddenly we
> start over heating.
> Pull over, let it cool a bit and drive a couple minutes to the  
> restaurant...
> no issues.
> Eat and let car cool for an hour or so, while I surmise it's  
> something with
> the fan since its Aokay when we are moving.
> So, we make it home, no issues but I do try to keep moving and leave  
> AC on
> thinking that fan will turn.
> The main fan however just seems listless and I can stop it with my  
> hand
> wearing mechanic glove.
> So, might this be the fan motor, fan clutch, fuse (will check) and  
> more
> importantly is this a DIY and would the parts be available, like,  
> tomorrow?
> IOW, could this be completed for sfest departure Thursday afternoon  
> or... do
> I upscond the wifes D2?
> Bill~hot n bothered~M
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