[s-cars] Radiator fan not blowing

bill mahoney airbil at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 08:23:32 PDT 2009

Thanks all for these great responses.
After a sleepless few WTF seconds before closing my eyes last night, I
thought "hhmmmm ya know, the electric bearing has been noisey for uhmm
several years..  so that's probably not functioning right, but the clutched
fan probably always covered for it when necessary, but now that has probably
left the building too."  Car runs fine as long as I am moving, but between
here and the "Inglorious CT Bastages" I am bound to be at a crawl sometime
whilst it's 90o.
Too, since time has slipped away and I may not be able to get parts fast
enough, I basically dumped it on my local wrench for the best chance of
getting fixed by tomorrow noon... but, it's looking more and more like a D2
trip... which is not a bad second choice cruiser at all.
WRT OOHMM (Out Of His Mind Maguire) ... all those years hangin' at the Super
Fund site have obviously polished his Gyri and Sulci smooth.
That said, I love some of his old polished bits on my car and we owe him a
debt of gratitude for inventing the almighty HRSB.  This gave the pig it's
only chance of turning a corner with a modicum of finesse.  Pretty much the
only performance mod I have added to the e36M is a set of H&R beefy sway
bars which make that car handle as if on rails.  Just think a turn and it's
there.  3100 lbs makes a diff too of course.
But I digress.
Bill~driver without a plan~M

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 9:54 AM, Tom Green <trgreen at comcast.net> wrote:

> Baloney,
> Your lucid and concise report of your problem still left me wondering if
> the electric
> fan was operating properly (with AC on)?  However, I think Hap cleared that
> one up.
> : - )
> If you can avoid stop-and-go traffic in the metro areas you traverse, the
> engine driven
> fan (via the serpentine belt and viscous clutch) are not a necessary item
> for the trip.
> Relying on Scott Mockery's troubleshooting and repair advice is a good
> plan, especially
> for the means and direction to turn the nut on the back of the clutch. : -)
>  The immediate
> concern is the integrity of the clutch--if it wobbles too much, the
> disaster that Scott warns
> of could result.  If that is the case, you would be better without a fan
> until the clutch is
> replaced.  Check the belt while at it and mark the direction on it if you
> continue to use it.
> I would expect Chris would have a viscous clutch.  He has had every other
> needed part
> recently.  : - )   I have both the tools and the part, but don't see a
> practical way to get
> them to you before the fest.
> I am wondering why Hap can't just fly out to PIT or somewhere to join your
> caravan?
> Then the two of you could use Chris as your straight man on Saturday?
> Tom
>  On Tuesday 25 August 2009 bill mahoney <airbil at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Thanks Fred,
>> I found info on SJM
>> http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/trouble_shooting/cooling.html
>> bottom of page.
>> (gotta send Scott a buck or two for sure:)
>> 32 mm is correct but I wonder where to find such a tool and the spanner
>> tool?
>> Maybe there are work arounds but always a million times easier with the
>> correct ones.
>> Now to call the stealer in the AM to see about a clutch... if that turns
>> out
>> to be the issue.
>> Dunno though I see Sachs makes one that maybe FLAPS has and maybe even
>> goofy
>> tools for rent?
>> I "think" it's the clutch for some reason but will check out fuses relays
>> first as best I can.
>> Thanks for the input!
>> Of course I only have a million other things to do at the moment.
>> Bill~no blow~M
>  Hap Maguire <captmagu at aol.com> offers:
>> Mr Balooney
>> OK, do dees tings wit dakine fans hook onto da beeg ting dat goes up
>> and down??? If you go fast enuf den you don't need dakine fan tings.
>> Just to be safe you could pull dakine transmister cause dat goes round
>> and round jus like dose fan tings.
>> Hap, wit dakine round and round advise not from Evcahboost, Maguire

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