[s-cars] Avant hatch latch parts

Michael McGovern mike_mcgovern at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 26 13:58:00 PDT 2009

What are you fixing and/or replacing on the hatch?  The interior pull down
handle on mine broke.  The window shade was also on its last legs. I pulled
everything apart.  There were a good number of broken plastic bits.  Some of
which I probably broke trying to get the damn thing apart.  I'm almost done
reinforcing and repairing it.  Once complete I will post what I did, but can
send you photos in the mean time if you want.
I used a good deal of plastic epoxy and the stiff wire from binder clips
(used as reinforcement, similar to rebar in concrete).  I also used 1" x 1"
x 1/16th" thick angled aluminum from Homedespot to reinforce the handle and
spread the force to two screws and two clips.

95.5 S6 Avant

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