[s-cars] CD changer?

David Forgie forgied at shaw.ca
Sat Aug 29 16:23:20 PDT 2009

Ron:  The 93 UrS4 came with a Audi/Bose Gamma CC head unit that could control a Blaupunkt
 labled Sony 10 disc changer via the MODE button and the silver transceiver box that translated
between the Sony CD changer and the head unit.  Many Sony changers of the same family will work, 
it's not a special Audi changer.

The late 95 and 95.5 (and in Canada 96 and 97) UrS6 came with a Audi Bose Delta head unit that 
could control a purpose built (just for Audi) Alpine 6 disc changer. No silver box needed but the
 Alpine changer is Audi only (no others will work). These changers were used in the early A4s as
 well as the C4 Audi A6s of the same era.

I have no clue what the Concert changers controlled or how but I suspect it was a Pioneer changer.

More info is available at:


Dave F.

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