[s-cars] HVAC Display on the Fritz

Lewis Consulting lewisconsulting at sasktel.net
Tue Dec 1 11:18:37 PST 2009

Hi Guys,


Now that I have my '96 for sale, stuff is starting to happen, first I lost
the fuel and temp gauge after charging the battery.. And now part of the
temp display is missing, looks like an old texas instrument calculator from
the '70's!   


Is there any fix for missing portions of the number display?  This did not
happen after the charging incident, rather about a month after.  Like most,
I have the usual on again off again HVAC controls.


Thanks  S-Car-list.. I have been on this for 7.5 yrs and will continue to
hang around, I am sure my '05 S4 will be needing your help someday. 




96//S6 and 05//S4 Avant


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