[s-cars] 034 HO Coil w/ AAN ECU?

rick banasik rbanasik at windstream.net
Tue Dec 1 16:09:03 PST 2009


         I've been using the 034 HO coils with a GT28RS turbo for a 
year and a half and haven't had a single issue with them or my 
ECU.  I've been focusing on other issues like big brakes, big turbos, 
big exhaust.   I think the 034 coils are a very viable, trouble fee 
solution.  Highly recommended.     Rick Banasik

                                                 At 04:53 PM 
12/1/2009, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>Curious what people know about using the 034 HO Coils with the AAN ECU.  Are
>many guys here using the 034 HO Coils?  (Or mostly 1.8T coils (I don't want
>to do the 1.8T coils)).  Do you guys know of people having any issues?
>Reason I ask is because I know somebody who is seeing a fair number is
>ignition chip failures within the AAN ECUs and he thinks they MIGHT be
>related to aftermarket ignition (coils).
>Any BTDT?
>'84 ur-quattro 20Vt - going COP
>'01 S4
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