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 Again, it's kind of a toss up.  If you lowered your car, I'm going to guess that you're going to see 1.5 - 2 degrees negative camber in the front.  You won't be able to reduce that without using the 2B camber plates.  However, if you have a choice between reducing camber or increasing caster with the 2B plates, I would personally choose to increase my caster and leave the camber a bit high.  Sadly, you can only do one of the two options.

I've put a lot of miles on mine running 1.9 negative camber in the front.  The wear rate has not been bad at all, IMO... but I rotate my tires regularly, and I've kept my suspension components fresh.

If you want optimal tire life, and your car doesn't tramline too bad, I'd stick with the numbers I gave you for the rear, and then use the 2B plates to adjust to -1 camber in the front.





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Sounds like what I'm after as far as the sporting aspect.  With that much camber, there won't be wear to the insides of the tires or will there be?  I do go out and beat on it on the back road twisties but also drive the car on the interstate for family trips and such.  I also drive the car in wintery conditions with snows so stability on slippery surfaces is pretty much a key factor.  I guess I'm looking for a good comprimise in tire wear and handling.  
Anything you would ammend in your recommendations in knowing more detail?
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Alignment really   depends on your goals.  However, if you like aggressive/sporty driving,   here is my personal preference:

Front: 1.5 - 2 degrees negative camber,   no toe, and as much positive caster as the 2B plates can give you (you won't   get enough, 6 to 7 degrees makes for a very stable car).
Rear: .5 negative   camber, 4mm toe in.

The front camber will help to make the big pig more   responsive, and minimize understeer.  You can get away with 0 camber in   the rear if you want to maximize tire life.  Even though the 2B plates   were intended for camber adjustment, I would recommend using them for adding   positive caster.  A lowered UrS will already typically deliver a nice   camber figure... between -1.5 and -2... which results in good cornering.    Finally, adding some rear toe-in will help with the S-car's poor straight line   stability.

Bottom line... the S-car is a tramlining pig.  Do what   you can to minimize that... and that means getting some positive caster up   front, and some toe in in the rear.  IMO, those are the highest   priorities.  If your suspension components are in good shape, these   settings will not result in rapid tire   wear.




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Hey listers!

I just installed a set of 2b camber/caster plates and I'm getting ready to take 

the beast in for alignment.  I've heard that adjusting some positive caster will 

help with turn-in but I'm unable to find anything on AW or QW on alignment 

settings (maybe I'm not looking hard enough).  Does anyone have any advise about 

good alignment settings for our cars?  FYI, I have Bilstein sport/H&R sports and 

2B revolution camber/caster plates.  


Jason Mawhinney

'95.5 S6 avant

'95 S6 sedan

'83 urq


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