[s-cars] 034 HO Coil w/ AAN ECU?

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
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I was one of the first group that pushed forward on the Delphi D585 LS2 coil conversion.
I have been running with my D585 coil conversion for over 25,000 trouble free miles now and am VERY happy with it.

Some thoughts on the D585 route:
1. After initial install I had a "stumble" at high RPMs, switched spark plugs back to Bosch and the miss was gone.
2. Made sure I bought Genuine American made Delphi coils and not Chinese knock offs, it seems a lot of the coils out there are Chinese copies.
3. I'm running Pastore's "RS2" chipset with 3.0 VMAP which I hope to change to VEMS.
4. My car has Garret 3071 turbo, RS2 EM, RS2 MAF, RS2 Fuel injectors.

I am quite happy with the D585 coils, Marc Swanson has reported that some ECUs are having problems with the coils, I do
not have any first hand experience with this but do trust him and have no reason to doubt.

Previously I had the 1.8T conversion, and experienced many coil failures during the ~6 months I ran it. Yes the coils are cheap
and it's easy to figure out which one is bad, but it's frustrating and will get expensive fast if you go through as many coils as I did.
However I was driving from Kalamazoo to Toledo and back 2-3 days a week so that may have played a factor, but I don't know.

Although it appears of high quality I am hesitant to recommend 034's kit simply because if you need another coil you have to get a hold of them. 
Where the D585 coils are readily available at almost all auto parts stores.

If I had to do it again, didn't have the time or inclination to build my own kit I would either replace all 5 coils and stay OE or 
give Marc Swanson a ring and try the Delphi D585 LS2 coils, he's being a stand up guy and warning others about what some
have experienced and still offering a refund if it doesn't work for you.



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> Guys-
> Curious what people know about using the 034 HO Coils with the AAN ECU.  Are
> many guys here using the 034 HO Coils?  (Or mostly 1.8T coils (I don't want
> to do the 1.8T coils)).  Do you guys know of people having any issues?
> Reason I ask is because I know somebody who is seeing a fair number is
> ignition chip failures within the AAN ECUs and he thinks they MIGHT be
> related to aftermarket ignition (coils).
> Any BTDT? 
> Brandon
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> '01 S4
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