[s-cars] 034 HO Coil w/ AAN ECU?

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I don't know the details - but do know the failures I was told about do
_not_ have to do with being "chipped" - but the way I understand it is some
AAN ECUs are failing - and it is the ignition chip within the ECU - he
_thinks_ it _might_ be due to aftermarket coil systems.  Again - just his
theory.  That's why I'm curious about people's direct experience with this
particular coil setup (034) - as I have one I plan to use...
So far people here seem to have had good experiences....
So to reiterate:
There have been ignition chip failures in some AAN ECUs
Might be due to aftermarket ignition (coils) - didn't say what kind - don't
know if he even knows...
'84 urquattro 20Vt
'01 S4

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I've had the 034 HO coils on my RS2'd car for a couple of years now as well.

I had some initial "teething" problems that in the end turned out to be a
bad ignition wire (it had a knick in it). Once that was chased down it has
been trouble free (knocks on wood).

My OE setup failed about 15,000 miles ago, so I obviously can't compare the
longevity question with regard to the OE vs 034 systems.

I must admit however that in the dark days on trying to chase down what the
problem was with the new system I told myself that I should have just bought
the more expensive OE Coils and OE POS's, after all, they lasted 100,000

Having said that. the 034 HO system is very simple to install, and the new
ignition wire boots are of a different length that allows you to place the
coil pack cover overtop them spark plug wells so you can keep the crud out.

I am curious though about these ECU chip failures you write about. Can you
expand a bit more on what the theory or evidence has been? What aftermarket
systems have "caused" or been thought to cause the Chip failures? Why does
this person surmise that the coils have caused an ECU problem.



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Curious what people know about using the 034 HO Coils with the AAN ECU.  Are

many guys here using the 034 HO Coils?  (Or mostly 1.8T coils (I don't want

to do the 1.8T coils)).  Do you guys know of people having any issues?

Reason I ask is because I know somebody who is seeing a fair number is

ignition chip failures within the AAN ECUs and he thinks they MIGHT be

related to aftermarket ignition (coils).

Any BTDT? 


'84 ur-quattro 20Vt - going COP

'01 S4

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