[s-cars] Rear brake upgrades?

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 Interesting read... and funny to see those comments that debate the actual potential for performance improvement.? The mismatch between the caliper/pad and rotor dimensions is a bit bizarre, but as a cheap way of improving rear braking, not a bad option.




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Dave, here's the link on AW... 



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I heard AMD was working on a caliper carrier that placed the stock unit
farther out so you could use a larger rotors, but never heard anything
further... it was posted on AW. 

I also remember hearing that the S8 rear calipers could be retro-fitted
with the stock rotors. 

Sorry, don't know more than that... But curious as well. 

BR /J. 

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Any info, links to sites, etc... would be appreciated.? I want to pick
this up where I left of a couple of years ago... need more stopping

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