[s-cars] Loosey Goosey aka "bitch ain't tight"

desmo888 at comcast.net desmo888 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 4 08:00:38 PST 2009

The girl is finally legal and on the road. I ain't feelin' it. 

The steering is light and she feels more like a Buick than a German sedan. Are these r & r bushings (like my old CQ's) or entire control arms (like my B5 S4). I am guessing struts are in order as well. 

The brakes are horrible but I've heard that this is an issue. A8 rotors and Boxster calipers? 

The exhaust hits the body when the engine is under load. I will check the hangers but I am thinking weak engine/tranny mounts. Any BTDT's? 

I am looking to just get it tightened up as a DD, no track car. 


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