[s-cars] It goes without saying, but...

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Wed Feb 4 20:06:59 PST 2009

Yesterday my wife and I left our house in Boston at 9 am, got into 
Manhattan just after noon.

We spent the next five hours in a couple of doctors' offices at 
Columbia Presbyterian, her getting poked and prodded and scraped 
and cut and shocked, me trying to remain nonchalant and get 
through at least one Wired magazine. Don't ask.

We got back into the car at 5 PM, driving into a light snowstorm 
that had been going all day. Nothing serious, just enough powder, 
slush and ice on the road to slow traffic down and make it 
interesting. The drive home took four hours (plus another hour for 
a leisurely dinner at a diner), slow going in NY and central 
Connecticut until it got late and snowy enough for the roads to 
clear of traffic. Hammer lane covered in powder, the others mostly 
went and/or slushy. Truckers were all yakking about where the snow 
was worst. Snow? No big deal.

We rolled back into my garage at 10 PM, just in time for me to 
fire up the snow blower and tidy up the driveway. A man's work is 
never done...

500 miles door to door to door. I've driven further, much further, 
in a single sitting (700 and 1500 miles, twice), but never in as 
much comfort and fun (and weather!). My poor wife, bruised and 
sore, serenly comfortable in the Audi sport seats. A flawless trip 
in an awesome machine.

I love my Audi!

'99 A6 quattro avant (winter sled)
'01 A4 quattro avant (summer toy)
'97 A6 quattro avant (son's car)
'96 A6 quattro avant (wife's car)

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