[s-cars] Material for spark plugs

Calvin Young calvinyoung at cox.net
Thu Feb 5 05:39:48 PST 2009

What is the material that we should put at the bottom of our spark  
plugs to prevent metal to metal oxidation?  I actually cleaned this  
off the last time i put in the plugs.  Ignorance should be bliss, but  
actually it is not.

The limit for HC ppm at idle is 125, my car reads 145
The limit at 2500 rpm is 125, my car reads 155

Thanks for the suggestions guys on how to correct the car.  Any  
suggestions on plugs and the gap for the plugs?

I love this car and want to save it, but it needs new paint, a new  
clutch, and could stand new leather in some places. After I spend 5K,  
the car is probably worth about $3500.   Ahhhh, what price love.

Cal Young

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