[s-cars] It goes without saying, but...

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Thu Feb 5 06:37:16 PST 2009

Lee Levitt wrote:
> Yesterday my wife and I left our house in Boston at 9 am, got into 
> Manhattan just after noon.
> We spent the next five hours in a couple of doctors' offices at 
> Columbia Presbyterian, 

All those nice Boston hospitals and you had to go to NYC?
I hope everything works out OK for your wife (and you and
the family).

As for the Audi, yeah, we knew that, although I wimped out
and stayed in RI rather than risk my '91 200 Avant in the
140 mile commute back to NH. That 59 car pile-up a few weeks
ago has me thinking twice every time I sit in the car. And
I'm still waiting on my A4 engine replacement.

Kent McLean
'99 A4, V6 Tiptronic
'91 200 TQA, with mods
various others no longer with me

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